Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tablesaw: 3D model for Inner Case and updated plan

I made 3D model of Inner Frame of my homemade tablesaw and I updated the plan also.

3D model (SketchUp):

Table Saw Plan 7th August 2017 Issue:


Though I wrote this in the plan, my original homemade tablesaw is exactly perfect size for Makita M585 circular saw. M565 is also exact size. So this original plan is very likely to be too small for other circular saws.
I strongly recommend to redesign and to make bigger one for others. I'm ready to design and build bigger "Universal Version" of this in the future.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Steel Side Bones for Inner Frame of My Homemade Table Saw.

Here is a plan of steel side bones for inner frame of my homemade table saw.

I'm currently working on this project and it's not completed yet. At first I published the most important blueprint of this project. Please be patient.